Ignasi Giró Reig (Barcelona, 1975). Though my friends often call me iggi. Long time ago I lived in Holland and Argentina. Not so long ago in Paris, Geneva and Madrid. Currently based in Barcelona, happily back to the roots.

Ignasi Giró


· 5 years Degree in Applied Physics / Universidad Autonoma of Madrid
· 3 years Research Assistant / UNIGE of Geneva

Professional experience

· SINCE 2009: Founding Partner & Creative Director of the things agency Honest&Smile
· SINCE 2017: Teacher of Applied Innovation at Barcelona School of Creativity
· SINCE 2016: Teacher of Science applied to Design at IED Barcelona
· Part-time inventor of the Timeless Box (an emotional time travel machine), the AbracadabrApp (the 1st Moleskine Notebook and ‘analog app’) and The Love Box (a hand-made video mixer for iPhone)

2016 – 2018
Head of Innovation of DoubleYou Spain

2014 – 2015
Innovation Director of TBWAParis

2011 – 2016
Partner & Creative Director of the gifts’ shop Regalador.com

2007 – 2009
Digital Executive Creative Director of Grey Group Barcelona
& Creative Director of G2 / Grey

2006 – 2007
Interactive Creative Director of the swedish and awesome digital agency Great Works / Barcelona

2004 – 2006
Creative Director of the digital agency Nurun / Crazy Labs Madrid

2001 – 2004
Creative Research Assistant in the multidisciplinary laboratory Miralab from Geneva, Switzerland –where I spent three amazing years learning a lot and eating too much swiss cheese.

2010 – 2014
Board Member of the Club de Creativos (≈A&AD Spain)


Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some “big brands” –like FCBarcelona, NIKE, Moleskine, Pringles, Tampax, Nespresso, SNFC, Pernot Ricard, L’Oreal, Msn, Eroski, SEAT, Codorníu, Vueling, Bic, or Moritz– creating innovative campaigns, digital experiences and even new products for them. But I’ve also helped startups like HolaLuz.com, Acierto.com, Ennera or Elemotions.

Media awareness

Eventually, my work has been featured in amazing places like TechCrunch, FastCompany or Wired, receiving mentions in Gizmodo, TVE (Spanish National Television), TV3 (Catalan Television), RNE (Spanish National Radio), CATRADIO (Catalan Radio), RAC1, El Periódico, El País, El Mundo, ABC, Yorokobu, MocoLoco, CultOfMac, Slate Magazine, LostAtEMinor or La Vanguardia.

Filming & storytelling

As a passionate storyteller, I’ve also made some short films and documentaries. To mention a few: “La prosa, la poesía y la Senyoreta Roca” (30 mins documentary, for TV3 television, 2007), “La buena memoria / Good Memory” (5 mins documentary, awarded in RNE Festival) or “El vendedor de globos” (6 mins animated short-film, that amazingly made it to the official selection of the ‘Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy’ in 2004).


Whenever they were kind enough to invite me, I was more than happy to give talks about innovation and creativity in places like IESE Business School, Brother, Italians Festival (Milano), Inspirational IAB, La Salle Business School, IED, Club de Creativos, University of Geneva…

Articles & songs

I love writing, and regularly share my thoughts, failures and learnings in articles that I publish in Yorokobu or Anuncios. I do so because it’s a wonderful therapy against stress and entrepreneurial solitude. Music is also one of my passions, and I used to give concerts as a singer-songwriter in Madrid, composing songs and so on, during my twenties and early thirties. Ah, the good old years!

Final thought

I still believe that good ideas have the power to change the world. However, I’ve failed enough now to know that this will only happen if we combine them with huge amounts of work, sweat and love.