FC Barcelona’s seism

Celebrating the impossible with an earthquake-based FC Barcelona Art piece.

MY ROLE: Head of Innovation at DoubleYou Spain


FC Barcelona wanted to thank its premium VIP partners with a very special gift, and DoubleYou was challenged to conceive it. We needed to come up with an idea that could be special enough to seduce some hard-to-seduce profiles –used to enjoy all sort of gadgets and exclusive objects.

Therefore, we decided to explore a very emotional insight. It was the year 2017. And a few months ago, something epic had happened in the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona had faced an almost impossible match against PSG, being obliged to score at least five goals more than his opponent in order to stay alive at the Champions League –something no one had never made.

Yet, against all historical statistics, the catalan team made possible the impossible, scoring six goals and finally succeeding in such and improbable challenge.


In fact, the moment when Sergi Roberto –one of the younger players– scored Barça’s sixth goal, the celebrations in the stadium –as well as it’s echoes around Barcelona– were so enormous that they even created a seism.

Not an emotional seism, but a real one that was measured and documented by a seismograph of the Spanish CIS (Scientific Investigations Center)

Sticking to this absolutely amazing fact, we designed a limited series of art-pieces showcasing what the seismograph recorded during all the match. Each one of the six Barça’s goals can be clearly appreciated, the last one scoring levels of activity close to those of a small earthquake.

And that was our VIP partners’ gift: an earthquake pending in their walls.

“Seism”, for FC Barcelona