Nespresso Off Capsule

The ultimate espresso experience, delivered at the touch of a button –Now, offline.

MY ROLE: Innovation Director of TBWA\Paris


When leading innovation at TBWA/Paris, we ideated this concept-product for our client Nespresso. Based on the core-value of the outstanding moments created while enjoying its coffee, the insight was clear: if there is something that disrupts and endangers these moments it is the myriad of distractions produced by our ever-connected lives. Hence, L’Off Capsule was conceived as an offline-generator to protect these moments.

Inspired by the iconic shape of the very 1st Nespresso capsules, the object was designed as an oversized and elegant capsule that hided inside an electronic device capable of blocking all electronic communications around. Users could place it besides the coffee machine, and quietly activate it –pressing the upper button– in order to frustrate any attempt of using a smartphone close to it.

The prototype was fully functional in a radius of 2 – 3 ms approximately, and created quite a lot of fun & buzz when being tested at TBWA. Unfortunately, these kind of devices are restricted by law in many European countries. And that was the end of it as a powerful PR campaign –and maybe a potential new asset of Nespresso’s portfolio of exclusive gadgets. As far as I know, someone still has it in a Parisian office, and freely uses it from time to time to ensure his coffee mates are focused. But I can’t remember his name, biensur!

L’Off Capsule, by Nespresso