Creating a (smiley) algorithm to nurture empathy and bring people together.

MY ROLE: Founder, Designer and ‘vintage php back-end developer’.


During the last months, I’ve been obsessively designing a little invention that has a very big mission: nurture empathy and bring people together.

Empatree is just that. An algorithm that uses design, mediation techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help people be more empathetic and re-design new dialogues with the ones they argued with.


Empatree’s 1st prototype was launched in May, 2018. So far, several hundreds users have engaged in a Dialogue-based interaction with our algorithm.

Apparently, most of them had a good time –and felt more empathetic after a while.

We are currently seeking for investment to take the product to the next level and keep on spreading empathy all around the world. Yeah!

WEBSITE: www.empatree.com
CONTACT: talk @ empatree . com
TEAM: tournesolTherapie, Typeform, Addo Conflict Resolution

/ FILM / Introducing “empatree”: The world’s 1st algorithm
designed to nurture human’s empathy

/ Empatree’s 1st MVP is a dialogue-based web-app. It helps users nurture their inner empathy and prototype new agreements.

/ Designing empatree’s brand and storytelling