Moleskine AbracadabrApp

Reinforcing Moleskine’s unique brand positioning hacking their iconic notebooks.

MY ROLE: Founder & Creative Director of Honest&Smile.


I approached Moleskine with one idea: alter one of their products to create the world’s 1st notebook & analog application, building a solid PR campaign that reinforced their unique positioning in between the digital and the analog worlds. They loved the proposal and the AbracadabrApp was born: A cute contraption, for iPhone, that allowed to manually mix videos and even filter pictures with “Instagram-like” filters.


Thousands of relevant mentions: Gizmodo, FastCo, Engadget, TV channels…

During more than one month, Google’s 1st results on “Moleskine analog” were related to our campaign.

With zero media investment, a thousands of $ earned media campaign.

A Ltd. edition of 500 units produced and sold world-wide in Moleskine’s online stores.


CLIENT: Moleskine
AGENCY: Honest&Smile
PRODUCTION: Marcs Aries, RCR Films
PR: Tatiana Viladomat
ART DIRECTION: Bernard Arce, Ignasi Giró

MY TASKS: Original idea, creative & project direction, product & brand design, prototyping, storytelling, film.

Introducing Moleskine AbracadabrApp:
World’s 1st Notebook and AnalogApp.
For iPhone. Ta-Da!

Media awareness:
TV and Youtubers.