NIKE Box Barcelona

Helping Nike find purpose for its unique space ‘BOX’ in Barcelona.

MY ROLE: Head of Innovation at DoubleYou Spain


Searching for new ways to add value to new generations of athletes*, Nike approached DoubleYou when the company was building their new brand space in Barcelona, ‘BOX by Nike’.

The space was meant to be a gathering point of all sorts of people and brand’s ambassadors, but not only that. Design, Sport, Co-Creation, even Art… There were many different areas to explore, but the big question was how to decide which ones should be chosen and which ones not.

Indeed, the digital platform to present it had to be developed from scratch. So we happily stepped in and helped find purpose and prioritisation among a sea of options.

DoubleYou was also in charge of the digital design & development of the Nike BOX ‘s online presence.


We first defined the ‘main game’, clarifying that relevant services are the best storytelling, ever. Understanding that these services should be well aligned with the brand’s identity plus taking into account specific ‘hyper-local’ assets the city of Barcelona added to the game –entrepreneurial scenario, unique international hub, design & innovation driven landscape…

Secondly, we detected the main problematics or areas where opportunities to add value might emerge, analysing them in the light of our target’s aims and challenges.

We then defined a Strategic Compass, meant to define the overall purpose of anything to be done at ‘BOX by Nike’, making sure this compass it was wide enough –to endure during the years to come– but also bold enough –to be unique and recognisable, something only Nike could do.

Finally, a set of actions was proposed, which included different ways to enhance the store’s value, technological installations to enrich the UX of the shared spaces, an ‘editorial line’ for the showroom it would host and even some holistic services that could become a sort of ‘transparent value layer’ embracing all the experience.

“NIKE BOX Barcelona”, by NIKE