Seat Ibiza Universe

Internationally launching SEAT’s flagship car with an epic digital experience.

MY ROLE: Creative Director of G2
& Digital Executive Creative Director of GREY Barcelona.


Seat was launching the new Ibiza, it’s flagship car, and we were in charge of the international digital campaign. The car was a unique blend of creativity and technology, the most evolved design the company had ever made. We proposed an epic microsite, blending interaction, 3D and storytelling, using the digital media as the perfect metaphor to communicate what their new car was.


I led an international creative team (Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin), with some world’s top digital talents (G2 Argonatuen, Perfect Fools, Effekt Ettage) working hands in hands during 18 months to define, design and produce the biggest microsite SEAT has ever made.

More than 10 countries used our creation to uniquely present –and sell– the new Seat Ibiza.

The most visited and shared launching microsite from Seat, ever.

+200% online registers for Drive Test demands.

This digital action was part of the most successful launching campaign of a Seat’s car, the new Seat ibiza 2011.


AGENCY: G2 & GREY Barcelona
ATL AGENCY: Atletico International
PRODUCTION: Perfect Fools
3D: Effekt Ettage
ECD: Emma Riverola
CREATIVE TEAM: Andreu Llopart, Annette Sporel, Simon Svard, Martin Garrido…

MY TASKS: International Creative Direction, creative idea, art direction, copy, video editing.

The New Seat Ibiza Universe campaign
Video Case