The Timeless Box

Raising international awareness designing a product to send gifts to the future.

MY ROLE: Founder & Creative Director of Honest&Smile.


A few years ago I dreamt of creating a new product: an aluminum box with a remote locking system, capable of keeping gifts and messages inside until a future date arrived. I fell in love with this concept of a personalised time capsule machine, and decided to produce it, convinced it could become not only a sellable product, but also a powerful PR campaign demonstrating Honest&Smile’s capacities to build real things and reach thousands of people with them. Little did I know what an amazing adventure would it be…


Thousands of media impacts: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, PSFK, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, El País, TVE, TV3…

Awarded in the “Club de Creativos” annual festival.

We inspired a TV Reality Show (“Cuestión de tiempo”, RTVE) showcasing our boxes.

Produced and sold in more than 10 different countries, now being distributed in Europe and the US.



AGENCY: Honest&Smile
PR: Tatiana Viladomat
ART DIRECTION: Bernard Arce, Ignasi Giró

MY TASKS: Original idea, product & brand design, prototyping, storytelling, film.

The 2016 Launching Film, “Imagine”

The #TimelessStories

In order to better express what our product was designed for, we invited several early users of the Timeless Box to share their personal stories with us, and crafted a series of short-films mixing personal  thoughts with raw images of the manufacturing process.

The #TimelessSong

It hasn’t been an always easy road. After our 1st (successful) crowd-funding campaign, we run into some unexpected production issues. Facing huge delays, I decided to send founders a song, being extremely honest about the difficulties I was struggling with. The result was an outstanding answer from people, in different countries and languages, giving me tons of support to keep going. What an adventure this was!

The Timeless Box Ltd. Edition 2016

It has been a long ride, but after several years of ups and downs, we managed to produce the very 1st Ltd Edition of Timeless Boxes: 100 aluminum boxes. Anodised. With a double battery system to optimise their time usage. With a white LCD and one single button. With the simplest possible UX to program them. With a personal, unique, PIN code system to use it as a safe box, too. A several years project, condensed in a 164 x 154 mm semi-cube. Wow!